Castineira was born out of the desire to meet market demand for high-quality advice in medium-sized arbitration disputes and corporate/commercial transactions.

The very large majority of arbitration cases involve less than US$ 10 million in dispute. More specifically, half of the arbitration cases filed each year under the rules of the major arbitral institutions involve less than US$ 5 million in dispute, including about a quarter of these cases with less than US$ 1 million at stake.

The legal market does not adequately answer demand for high-quality advice in many of these cases.

On the one hand, international arbitration expertise is concentrated in large, multinational law firms which, in light of their cost structures, struggle to provide adequate fee arrangements or service for these disputes involving moderate amounts. On the other hand, clients are entitled to expect the level of service that they are used to with top-notch international firms for a price proportionate with the amounts at stake in these cases.

The same rationale applies to many corporate and commercial transactions.

Answering business expectations and needs in the above cases was a fundamental reason for the creation of Castineira.

Castineira emphasizes legal excellence, frankness, pragmatism, efficiency and availability. Castineira’s approach also focuses on the following key elements:


The founder, Eliseo Castineira, has practiced corporate (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures) and contract law with premier U.S. and U.K.-based firms before specializing in arbitration.

Understanding the human, technical, commercial, financial, tax and accounting considerations which all play a role in deal-making is fundamental to provide concrete advice of real relevance once a dispute has arisen. Conversely, understanding why some deals give rise to disputes enhances the ability to negotiate and draft contracts.

Whether you are negotiating a contract or are involved in a dispute, Castineira strives to understand what you need and want and, as importantly, what you do not need or want.


This approach is based on a direct relationship with you to earn your trust.

This approach is also reflected by the absence of systematic delegation in order to ensure that your needs and expectations are properly taken into account without the costs and inefficiencies involved by delegation to inexperienced lawyers.